About Burak

I help tech professionals to bridge the gap between their technology and business knowledge.

Anyone in the tech industry needs to have a solid foundational knowledge of how technology works. And I believe everyone can learn it, no matter their role or background.

Similarly, all tech workers should have a clear understanding of their company's business objectives and how to achieve them.

Traditionally, these skills have been mostly isolated from each other. However, in today's dynamic and innovative environment, the capability to combine both perspectives is needed more day by day. It helps professionals to see their today and tomorrow from a whole new perspective.

I am a computer engineer by degree. I spent the last 10 years in technical sales, which is all about explaining technical concepts in a simple way and putting them into the context of business value for customers. In other words, being the bridge between tech and business.

Fresh out of college, I dove into the world of entrepreneurship only with a little experience. The lack of foundational business knowledge gave me some hard times during that journey. Then I learned it, and I continued my career in technical sales. In this role, at several companies, I helped numerous colleagues from tech and business backgrounds to be great on the other side of the bridge, which once were unknown territories to them.

Photo by Aleksandr Barsukov / Unsplash

I have gained this skill the hard way. And here in this blog, I write about my stories and experiences so you don't struggle as I did. Feel free to subscribe and get fresh content delivered to your inbox as soon as it's released.

Finally, in my opinion, an "about" page is not complete without some information that is really about "me". So here goes some personal stuff:

  • One of my favorite activities is hiking. I enjoy the slow rhythm of walking sounds coming together with the songs of the forest.
  • My favorite workout is cycling. I can push myself more and more when cycling but the same does not happen when running. In fact, I don't even like running (sorry runners) but it's one of the most convenient ways of burning some calories.
  • I am a father. Feels like nothing else. The biggest life-changing event for me.
  • I love traveling to new places. Always looking forward to opportunities to discover.
  • I am very much concerned about digital privacy. I don't like cookies (digital ones obviously), and I don't like putting up too much information online. So in a way, blogging is a tiny bit scary for me.
  • I enjoy problem-solving.
  • I love algorithms.
  • I am an introvert. To me, it means gaining energy from being alone, and having quality time by yourself. It does not necessarily being shy or asocial but enjoying a smaller amount of social interaction compared to an extrovert.